Mead from Fabian

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A good story goes down well with wine and beer, right? But in those stories told by the fire or via the app, details are left out. History is shaped by half-truths and omissions. That’s how mead disappeared. Zzinga is on a mission to bring back the good mead days.

Mead? What’s that?

It is the mother of all booze. You can call it the lost inheritance from the centuries of old. It was the finest drink for kings and queens and everyday people alike. It was pure, delicious, and healthy, made from natural honey. But in a flash, its popularity and brewing knowledge was swept away by time. 

Wine is fantastic. Why the buzz around mead?

Mead was the pioneer. If you enjoy your beer and cherish your wine, wait till you taste mead. It is the best of both worlds. The beverage is made straight from honey in a fermentation process that leads to what was termed as honey-wine. That name sums it up. 

So sweet mead is all that there is?

Not really. Different brewing techniques can lead to sweet or dry mead. You can have the carbonated type or the still ones. They are barrel-aged, spiced, and even flavored with fruits such as apples and grapes. When you taste mead, you will fill like a Galileo—you will discover that not everything revolves around beer and wine. It’s a taste of the ages.

Can I get drunk from mead?

Depends on how much you drink. The alcoholic strength of mead, depending on the type of mead you order ranges from 6 % ABV to 22 % ABV. One thing that you might appreciate is that most meads are gluten-free. 

I’m curious, where can I find some of this stuff?

Not many people know how to make mead. The techniques of mead brewing were lost through time as beer, brandy, and whiskey ascended in popularity. But beekeepers kept the tradition. 

They farmed honey bees and made mead for their closest friends and family. They wrote recipes and secreted them away. In 2015 I went hunting this secret mead knowledge as a thesis for my masters. 

It was a beautiful coincidence. When I first got the opportunity to go for an exchange semester in Lithuania at Kaunas Kollegja, I intended to do an internship on apple and raspberry fermentation. 

But when I got there I was told that the only thing they were working on was mead making. I had never heard about mead before. I tested it for the first time there, and I liked it a lot. 

I became a honey fermentation enthusiast. I dedicated years of research and studies on how to make mead and Started Zzinga, a startup creating modern, exciting honey drinks. Today Zzinga is driven by two things, reinventing mead and biodiversity evangelism to end bee mortality.

So mead and sustainability go hand in hand?

True. The more value people realize from honey, the more they can care about bees. Go on and get acquainted with an excellent and refreshing beverage from 15000 BC. Order our specially crafted Zzinga Honey Cider 6 pack, and you will get a free packet of bee-friendly seeds and a herb pot. 

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