Green Rooftops For Bees In City Of Utrecht

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It’s no secret that the continent, in truth the world, has been suffering from severe losses of honeybees, bumblebees, and wild bees — insects that serve an incredibly important part of our ecosystem.

It’s estimated that these three types of bees pollinate over 80% of crops and wild plants in Europe and contribute over 22 billion EUR every year to the entirety of Europe’s agricultural industry. That’s some serious bzzzzness!

In part to help these dutiful workers enjoy new habitats and thrive once again, Utrecht has excitingly announced a new green rooftop program.

Green Rooftops for Utecht’s Bees

Earlier this year, Utrecht announced a new policy in which they plan to have every roof within the city district be green-transformed. This means the addition of plants and mosses and/or the installation of solar panels to reduce electricity costs. This policy is also being hardened as a “no roofs unused” policy and a primary goal is to reinvigorate the city’s biodiversity and bring back the bees.

As part of this policy, the city has cut the ribbon on an exciting construction of a “vertical forest tower“. This tower will include 360 trees and over 9,000 shrubs and flowers by the time it’s finished in 2022. It’ll be a shining example of what our cities could look like and, undoubtedly, will help bring back the bees.

Honey for the People, Flowers for the Bees

Here at Zzinga, honey for the people, flowers for the bees is our motto and we couldn’t be more excited to see eco-friendly innovations like Utrecht’s vertical forest tower. Our aim is to create products that are both delicious and sustainable. Visit our website to learn more about how we do that and for a link to a download that will show you how to create your bee garden so that you can join this exciting movement into a greener future.

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