Honey for the People
Flowers for the Bees

The Delicious Honey Cider with a positive impact. Take a conscious choice when it comes to drinks and give something back to the bees that provide it.

Honey for the People

Zzinga Honey Cider

Zzinga, a delicious, refreshing honey cider with 4% alcohol.

Flowers for the Bees

Honey is a gift bees provide us with. And in turn, it is only fair that we give something back. That is what we mean with “Flowers for the Bees”. Here you can find information about what you can do to help our little friends, as well as other news. Read all articles.

Bees are a very important part of our ecosystem. As pollinators, they influence the growth of plants; trees and flowers are shelters...
Bees are struggeling in Europa for a number of reasons. But small initiatives can help turn the tide and give bees a bright future.
Making mead is a lot more like brewing beer— the process can be as straightforward or as intricate as you want it to be.

Become a Zzinga serving expert

Enjoy Zzinga Honey Cider best at 5 degrees on ice and add some mint or thyme for the perfect refreshing experience.

Find the best food to pair with Zzinga

Put Zzinga in a glass with orange and cinnamon for a delicious autumn drink.

You can pair it with nuts, cheese, oranges, and pumpkins for a truly autumnal aperitif. 

More inspiration for the perfect cocktail mix

Creating the perfect mixes, both alcoholic and non alcoholic, is an artform. Get inspired by our suggestion and become a Zzinga mix expert!

How to make your garden bee friendly in 5 easy steps

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Online Cocktail Event Box

Learn to make three cocktails at our online event, we even have a live DJ!

About Zzinga

Meet the team

We are a startup based in Wageningen. Our aim is to create tasty honey drinks and help nature thrive. 

We use part of our revenue to plant sunflowers next to farmland. This gives bees and other insects more food and shelter.

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