Honey for the People
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Refreshing honey drinks with a positive impact.
Take a conscious choice when it comes to drinks and give something back to the bees that provide it.

Honey for the People

Zzinga Honey Cider

Zzinga, a delicious, refreshing honey drink with 4% alcohol.

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Enjoy Zzinga Honey Cider best at 5 degrees on ice and add some mint or thyme for the perfect refreshing experience.

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Zzinga, President Brie and grapes are the perfect combination to enjoy a summer afteroon in nature.

More inspiration for the perfect cocktail mix

Creating the perfect mixes, both alcoholic and non alcoholic, is an artform. Get inspired by our suggestion and become a Zzinga mix expert!

Flowers for the bees

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We aim for more than being an exciting drink. We also strive for a sustainable impact by engaging consumers in the support of bees and biodiversity. Read all articles.

Making mead is a lot more like brewing beer— the process can be as straightforward or as intricate as you want it to be.
Did you know that the first Saturday of August, every year, is Mead Day? Mead was forgotten, but is back....
History is shaped by half-truths and omissions. That’s how mead disappeared. Zzinga is on a mission to bring back the good mead days.

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